Smart Cities


Smart cities, Working Group, Comité Codata France

The city is a complex system, and the perspective of having smart cities relies primarily on data. It is the interaction of these very numerous data and information that enables us to comprehend the world around us and to create more efficiently a new synergy among the different elements composing it for greater sustainability and resilience.

This implies implementing new technological solutions to manage Big Data and then developing powerful analysis techniques so as to bring out the dependencies making it possible to build models that would help to transform cities into organisations piloted by data.

However, in smart cities, the technique necessarily interacts with the economy and the societal. Data constitute an exploitable asset whose economic value can be evaluated, and this leads to a market with its rules and its constraints.


Smart cities, Working Group, Comité Codata France

Hélène BESTOUGEFF, Comité Codata France Member, Honorary Professor, Paris Diderot University

Mélanie GRÉGOIRE, Comité Codata France Member

Jean-Pierre CALISTE, President, Comité Codata France et Vice-Président International, Comité Codata France
Professor Emeritus, University of Technology of Compiègne