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Working group, Codata France, Santé numérique, Digital Health Issues

For several years, CODATA France has set up, in cooperation with the university research teams (DICEN IDF/Marne-la-Vallée and UTC) a think-tank on health data centred on information issues and digital health.

Its work concerns various aspects:

    • The Information Systems and the shared medical files with, in particular, the central issue in France of the DMP (Personal Medical Records) of patients and its articulation with other computerised records (pharmaceutical file, communicating cancer file…) with the importance of the concept of patient care pathways (traceability) and all the questions on interoperability, and all the telemedicine issues.
    • New approaches to Quality and, in particular, of Evaluation, to go beyond a strictly normative approach of control and to go towards a Quality approach conceived as an aid to development  and to continued improvement, with all the issues of Data Quality on different levels (micro, meso and macro).
    • The work of this Group also largely concerns network interface organisations (health networks, multi-profession nursing homes, home-based hospitalisation, etc.), territories of digital care and all issues of telemedicine and of trust, especially in its digital dimension.
    • This CODATA group’s reflections also meet the issues of Open Data and, to a certain extent, of Big Data.
    • All this work also has dimensions of Economic Intelligence and of Territorial Intelligence. They also rely on international cooperation (United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, etc.).


Working group, Codata France, Santé numérique, Digital Health Issues

Christian BOURRET, Vice President Research, Comité CODATA France
Professor, Deputy Director, DICEN-IdF laboratory and Institut Francilien d’Ingénierie des Services, Gustave Eiffel University

Joumana BOUSTANY, Board Member, Comité CODATA France
Assistant Professor, Gustave Eiffel University

Jean-Pierre CALISTE, Président Comité Codata France and Vice President International, Comité CODATA France, Professor Emeritus, University of Technology of Compiègne

Claudie MEYER, Board Member, Comité CODATA Francee
Assistant Professor, Gustave Eiffel University


Working group, Codata France, Santé numérique, Digital Health Issues

DICEN IDF laboratory

HAS, Haute Autorité de Santé

ASIP santé, Agence de la Santé numérique