Welcome to the CODATA France Website


CODATA France is the French representative of CODATA (COmmittee on DATA for Science and Technology), an international organization founded in 1966, grouping 21 countries, 16 international scientific unions, 2 co-opted scientific organizations and 19 partner organizations (industries, governments and universities).


CODATA’s action is carried out by its Task Groups and Working Groups, the activities of its national members, its participation in international initiatives, such as IPY (International Polar Year), eGY (Electronic Geophysical Year), organizing international Conferences, the (CODATA Data Science Journal), organizing Workshops, publishing various Studies and Reports, as well as cooperating and affiliation with international scientific organizations (UNESCO, OECD, GEO, etc.).


CODATA CODATA is a member of ‘ICSU, International Council for Science, a non-governmental organization composed of international scientific organizations representing 140 countries and scientific unions, for a total of 31 members.


CODATA France’s mission iso strengthen the French scientific contribution to the benefit of civil society by promoting the management and the use of scientific and technical data. To achieve this mission, CODATA France wants to promote the evaluation and control of data quality, as well as to improve methods for acquisition, management, analysis, validation, dissemination and archiving such data and their processing. Achieving this mission requires cooperation among all those who use and work with data and their processing. Founded in 1981, the CODATA France Committee relies on universities, researchers, industry professionals and those from other organizations. It carries out specific actions in various professional sectors, implying the close interaction between Science, Technology and Society.


Its goal is also to spread information on automatic identification systems in fields of science and technology, but also in all economic, legal and social fields.